Completed Ph.D. Projects

Exploring Structural and Dynamical Factors in the Evolution of Artificial Neural Networks Boye Høverstad, 2010

Evolving Static Hardware Redunancy for Defect Tolerant FPGA Asbjørn Djupdal, 2008

The role of platelet activating factor in activation of growth arrested keratinocytes and re-epithelialisation," Katarina Jørgensen, 2008

Multi-level grounding and self-organization of behaviour through evolution, development, learning and culture Diego Federici, 2007

Complexity and Geometry in Artificial Development, Per Kristian Lehre,2006

Evolution of Fault and Noise Tolerant Digital Circuits, Morten Hartmann, 2005

Development of Digital Circuits on a Virtual Sblock FPGA, Gunnar Tufte, 2004

Investigating the Use of Developmental Genomes for Artificial, Piet van Remortel, 2004